Blog Post 1.0 - The Angry Viking Therapist Mindset Method

Blog Post 1.0 - The Angry Viking Therapist Mindset Method

Welcome to the world of The Angry Viking Therapist, where Dr. Trevor Wilkins is ready to help you navigate the ups and downs of life. As a licensed therapist with over a decade of experience, Dr. Wilkins has dedicated his career to helping his clients overcome their obstacles and achieve their goals.

The Angry Viking Therapist, Dr. Trevor Wilkins, understands that life can be tough. Whether it's dealing with a difficult relationship, struggling with anxiety or depression, or simply feeling overwhelmed by the challenges of everyday life, we are here to help. With a focus on evidence-based therapy techniques and a compassionate, non-judgmental approach, Dr. Wilkins is committed to providing his clients with the tools and support they need to overcome their challenges and live their best lives.

One of the key pillars of Dr. Wilkins' approach is the use of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT). REBT emphasizes the importance of accepting oneself and others, while acknowledging that everyone has strengths and weaknesses. The therapy encourages individuals to take responsibility for their own thoughts, feelings, and actions, and to focus on the present moment rather than dwelling on the past or worrying about the future.

Dr. Wilkins also recognizes the importance of addressing the root causes of his clients' issues. That's why Dr. Wilkins takes a holistic approach to therapy, exploring all aspects of his clients' lives and helping them to identify and address any underlying issues that may be contributing to their difficulties.

Whether you're dealing with a specific issue or simply looking to improve your overall mental health and wellbeing, The Angry Viking Therapist is here to help. These programs can be intense, and are not for individuals who struggle with an in-your-face style of therapy. This isn't sitting on a white couch with a therapist across the room scribbling your problems on a sheet of paper. Dr. Wilkins believes in a more aggressive approach to changing your mindset, to get you out of the toxic loop you've been in for years. 

Dr. Trevor Wilkins is dedicated to helping his clients achieve their goals and live their best lives. Sign up for one of our programs, and begin your mindset method journey today.

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